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Remembering the Battle at High Wood, 30th July 1916

On 30th July 2016 we remembered 154 men of The Black Watch who were killed, most at the Battle of High Wood (as part of the Battle of the Somme). The Memorial Service was led by Rev Alex Forsyth, and attended by families of the fallen, veterans and members of the public. 154 crosses were … Read more

Favourite artefacts | Shona Lowerson-Head

Shonagh Lowerson-Head, our learning and audiences officer tells us about her favourite object in the collection. My favourite object in the museum is not the oldest, the rarest or most impressive artefact on display. In fact, in isolation it is really quite unremarkable. A musket ball. What makes this object so special is its story. … Read more

The Attack on Hanna, 21st January 1916

On this day one hundred years ago, 75 men of The Black Watch lost their lives. Read on to discover what caused this spike in casualty numbers. As the situation for the besieged British forces at Kut grew more desperate, General Townshend eventually announced that he would have to put the defenders on half rations. … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Neil Hobson, greeter and tour guide

This month we talk to Neil Hobson who joined the volunteer team in 2013 following the Museum redevelopment. Neil, thank you for agreeing to share your volunteering experiences with us; can I ask what attracted you to volunteer at the Castle and Museum? Having retired, I found something was missing, although I played some golf … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Patterson, various roles

We are now in September and we welcome Jim Patterson to talk with us about his volunteering experience with the Museum; Jim has been volunteering with us for just over a year. Jim, where did you hear about volunteering at the Castle and Museum? I saw an article in the Dundee Courier, attended an open … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Fermor, Collections Volunteer

We are now in the month of August and give a warm welcome to Laura who is going to talk with us about her time as a volunteer with the Castle and Museum.   Hello Laura, thank you for talking with us and sharing your experience. How did you hear about the volunteer opportunities at … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Willie Coupar, Volunteer Guide

This month we talk with Lt Col (Retd) Willie Coupar and shine our volunteer spotlight on all he does within the Castle and Museum. Hello Willie, Can you tell us how you started volunteering at the Castle and Museum? I had retired from my job at Glasgow University and moved to Perth.  Frankly I was … Read more

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