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Roll of Honour


Maj & QM John Hon LINNING
7343 Pte Michael CAIRNEY 1st Bn.
8174 Pte Thomas CURRIE 1st Bn.
9369 Pte Peter DUNCAN 1st Bn.
7468 Pte David EDWARDS 1st Bn.
2358 A/Cpl William FORSYTH 1st Bn.
9978 Pte Godfrey FOX 1st Bn.
2567 Pte James Parker GILMOUR 1st Bn.
7028 L Cpl Alexander GOW 1st Bn.
8061 Pte Andrew HENDERSON 1st Bn.
8301 Pte George HUNTER 1st Bn.
2171 Pte Aitchison KENNEDY 1st Bn.
9741 Pte George McCULLOCH 1st Bn.
8451 Pte David McDONALD 1st Bn.
1956 Pte Robert McINTYRE 1st Bn.
8054 Sgt John MURDOCH 1st Bn.
8649 Pte Thomas MURRAY 1st Bn.
1037 Pte Alexander REYNOLDS 1st Bn.
9592 Pte John SANDIFORD 1st Bn.
9658 Pte Frank SILK 1st Bn.
2402 L Cpl David Gourlay SMITH 1st Bn.
8603 Pte William STRACHAN 1st Bn.
331 Pte Charles SUMMERS 1st Bn.
820 Pte John WALKER 1st Bn.

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3 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. James P. Gilmour’s death is given as 16 Sep 1914, but his parents put a notice in the Dundee Courier in Aug 1915 asking for any news of their missing son, and stating he was reported missing on 14th September 1914 ( Thank you for your fascinating blog and for sharing the information you have.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the link with more info about Pte Gilmour! It was not uncommon during the war for it to take a long time for deaths to be officially reported. It is possible that Pte Gilmour’s death was not confirmed until much later in the war and then updated in the records, or that some sort of administrative error or confusion led to his being mistakenly reported missing and later corrected. Very interesting though, thanks again for sharing.


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