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Roll of Honour

T/2nd Lieut Peter Ross HUSBAND 25/09/1916
Capt William Debenham McLaren STEWART 25/09/1916
548 Pte William AITKEN 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40217 L Cpl Robert ALLAN 1st Bn. formerly 1380 H.C. Battn. 25/09/1916
1745 Pte William BREMNER MM 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/43391 Pte Charles BRUCE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
3/4010 Pte George CALLAGHAN 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
3780 Pte William Grubb CALMAN 4/5th Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40165 Pte Duncan CAMPBELL 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/4357 Pte John CORNELIUS 9th Bn. 25/09/1916
S/43393 Pte Thomas CORRIGAN 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/14469 Pte Alexander CRAWFORD 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
3780 Pte William CULMAN 5th Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40239 Pte George Frederick DAWSON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/9511 A/Sgt John H G DEANS 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/12685 Pte David EMSLIE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40199 Pte Thomas FITZGERALD 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40030 Pte John FRASER 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40219 Pte John Logie GAUDIE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40298 Pte Thomas A GILLON 1st Bn. formerly 1897 Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
S/40118 Pte Alexander GRANT 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40316 Pte Robert HENDERSON 1st Bn. formerly 1771, Scottish Horse. 25/09/1916
3736 Sgt George KIDD 4th Bn. 25/09/1916
2629 Pte Harry KING 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40234 Pte Alexander LANG 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40039 Pte John LEE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/9102 Pte Robert LINKSTON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40306 Pte John Alexander MARSHALL 1st Bn. formerly 1962 Scottish Horse. 25/09/1916
S/12584 Pte Frederick Michael MAUDE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/13074 Pte Alexander McDOUGALL 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40278 Pte Norman McLEOD 1st Bn. formerly 1620, Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
S/40302 Pte Archibald McVICAR 1st Bn. formerly 1621 Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
S/40089 Pte Robert MELDRUM 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/10086 Pte Rawdin MIDDLETON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/43365 Pte James MITCHELL 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40059 Pte James MOFFAT 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40297 Pte John MURRAY 1st Bn. formerly 6312 Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
S/40291 Pte Thomas NIXON 1st Bn. formerly 5199 Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
S/14459 Pte John C PATON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40086 Pte Norman L PATTERSON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40040 Pte Alexander ROBERTSON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/14439 Pte Daniel ROBERTSON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
1523 Sgt James Paton ROBERTSON 4th Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40310 Pte David ROSS 1st Bn. formerly 6375 Scot. Horse. 25/09/1916
2486 Pte Andrew SANDEMAN 4th Bn. 25/09/1916
3/1477 Pte David Moore STEWART 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/11814 Pte Thomas TATE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40203 Pte William THAIN 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/40060 Pte Archibald THOMSON 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/43331 Pte David WALDIE 1st Bn. 25/09/1916
S/43330 Pte Alexander WEBSTER 1st Bn. 25/09/1916

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2 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. Born 3 Tannahill Place, Paisley, son of Robert (ironmoulder) & Melvin Maxwell Henderson, resident of 25 Love Street, Paisley. Member of St George’s Parish Church. Formerly employed as a clerk with Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd., Renfrew. Enlisted at Dunkeld, Perthshire November 1915. Formerly (1771) Scottish Horse. Known to his family as Robbie. My Great Uncle. No known photographs of Robbie have been found so far. The original location of his grave is map reference iAlbert 1/40,000 M.29.d. He was also confirmed dead on the 9th October 1916, along with a host of others from the 1st Battalion. He is commemorated on the walls of the Thiepval memorial, as one of the missing of the Somme.


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