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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Charles Stuart KENT 4th Bn. (T.). 24/10/1918
Capt Peter MacLeod LEVIE MC 4th Bn. (T.). 24/10/1918
Lieut John MARSHALL 4th Bn. (T). 24/10/1918
350329 Cpl John ANDERSON 7th Bn. formerly 1382 H.C. Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41407 Pte George ANDERSON 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/9012 Pte Walter ANDERSON 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
315804 Pte Archie ARMOUR 13th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41940 Pte Frank BATES 6th Bn. formerly 21419 Cameron High. 24/10/1918
S/25561 Pte Joseph BENNETT 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25577 Pte George Dawson BETT 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/12201 Pte Edward BRUCE 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/6098 Cpl James Alexander BUTTI 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41959 Pte Adam CARNOCHAN 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
265453 Pte George Panton CLARK 1st Bn. 24/10/1918
267975 Pte Finlay COLLINS 6th Bn. formerly 5784 Scottish Horse. 24/10/1918
265536 Cpl William Cathill COUTTS 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
288099 Pte Albert Edward CRESSWELL 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
267855 Pte Thomas CUNNINGHAM 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
25529 Pte James DAVIDSON 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25715 Pte Robert DOUGLAS 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
1124 Pte Robert FAWCETT DCM latterly 61965 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 24/10/1918
S/5596 Pte David FERGUSON 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25604 Pte David FINDLAY 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25723 Pte John FINDLAY 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/22427 Pte Stevenson FINDLAY 8th Bn. 24/10/1918
291197 Pte William FREW 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25166 Pte Peter Joseph GLEN 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25903 Pte David Christie GRAHAM 8th Bn. 24/10/1918
26139 Pte Wilson James GUTHRIE 8th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/42007 Pte Alexander HAY 7th Bn. formerly S/16308, Gordon High. 24/10/1918
S/43638 Pte Frederick William HEATH 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/43639 Pte James HOLLEYHEAD 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25662 Pte William HOSIE 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
269015 L Sgt John HUTCHISON 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25832 Pte James K A HYND 8th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41818 Pte James KENNEDY 6th Bn. formerly S/41209, Gordon Highlanders. 24/10/1918
292322 Pte William KIRKPATRICK 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41619 Pte Alexander E LOW 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
266719 Pte John Alexander MacDONALD 1st Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41892 Pte Kenneth William MACKAY 6th Bn. formerly 32245, Cameron High. 24/10/1918
S/41915 Pte Percy MATLEY 6th Bn. formerly 27770, Cameron Highlanders. 24/10/1918
S/41041 Pte William McALLISTER 7th Bn. formerly 4442 A.& S.H. 24/10/1918
S/43717 Pte Charles Anthony McCLUMPHA 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/11654 Pte Andrew Hamilton McCULLOCH 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/24568 Pte Evander McDONALD 6th Bn. formerly 252051 Scottish Horse. 24/10/1918
S/5412 Cpl Thomas Stark McKENZIE 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/26123 Pte William McDonald McLAREN 8th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/16387 Pte William McLEOD latterly 023452, R.A.O.C. 24/10/1918
315041 A/Cpl William L MITCHELL 13th Bn. formerly 4485 Scottish Horse. 24/10/1918
S/7873 Pte Robert NEIL 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/24594 L Cpl Peter NICOLL 6th Bn. formerly 2538 Scot. Horse. 24/10/1918
291029 Cpl Charles OSBORNE MM 4th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/41544 Pte Alexander PATERSON 7th Bn. formerly 6388 A.& S. Highrs. 24/10/1918
2692 Pte Robert RATTRAY latterly 138918, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 24/10/1918
S/43691 Pte Reginald REEVES 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/42016 Pte John Robertson RENNIE 8th Bn. formerly 2359, 38th T.R. Bn. 24/10/1918
4898 Pte George ROBB latterly 228937, 1st (City of London) Bn., (Ryl Fusiliers) Hon Artillery Co (Inf),The London Regt. 24/10/1918
268258 L Cpl William SIMPSON MM 6th Bn. formerly 6643 Scottish Horse. 24/10/1918
S/25755 Pte Robert SKENE 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/14555 Cpl Frank SMITH 1st Bn. 24/10/1918
292700 Pte William E STEEL 1st Bn. 24/10/1918
S/40971 Pte George STURROCK 7th Bn. formerly S/40085 Seaforth High. 24/10/1918
S/43388 Pte John SWIFT 14th Bn. 24/10/1918
266230 Pte James McRosty TAYLOR 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
492 WO2 (CSM) Peter WATSON 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/43710 Pte William WICKS 6th Bn. 24/10/1918
3/1732 Sgt John WILLIAMSON MM 7th Bn. 24/10/1918
S/25557 Pte Charles David WILSON 6th Bn. 24/10/1918

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