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Roll of Honour

Lieut William Alexander Dobson HUNTER 3rd Bn. (att. 8th Bn.). 01/10/1918
Lieut Philip Reid PAUL (att. 8th Bn.). 01/10/1918
T/Capt Alexander Stewart RITCHIE MC 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/41675 Pte Daniel McDougall Ferguson ALLAN 8th Bn. formerly S/22267 A.& S.H. 01/10/1918
265057 L Cpl Hunter J ANDERSON latterly 270011 1/6th Bn. The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. 01/10/1918
201983 Pte James Wilson ANGUS 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/40525 L Cpl David Bell ARMIT 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/41688 Pte Harry COUTTS 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/22849 Pte John Charles CULLEN 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/24368 Pte Hugh DARROCK 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
11818 Pte Frederick Charles DAY 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/43590 Pte John DREW 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
291568 Pte William DUTHIE 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/41694 Pte Hugh FEARN 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
310040 Pte Harry FINLAYSON 8th Bn. formerly 2907 H.C. Bn. 01/10/1918
S/23251 Pte William FITCHETT 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
240492 Pte Charles JOHNSTON 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/22901 Pte William KERR 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
350357 Pte Ian MacDOUGALL 8th Bn. formerly 1798 H.C.Bn. 01/10/1918
202298 Pte Donald McPHERSON 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/17031 L Cpl Arthur METCALFE 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/23113 Pte Eric Gordon RITCHIE 8th Bn. formerly 2352, 38th T.R. Bn. 01/10/1918
S/41781 Pte Graham Fraser ROY 8th Bn. 01/10/1918
S/23141 Pte Frank SANDEMAN 8th Bn. formerly 652 39th T.R. Bn. 01/10/1918
3162 Pte John SAUNDERS latterly 88112 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 01/10/1918

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