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Poppy Partner, John Deuchars, talks about his experience.


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I first visited the Castle and Museum a few years ago when a friend and I came for coffee to the Copper Beech Café. I then came on my own, a few weeks later, and visited the Museum.

I found out about being a poppy volunteer while I was looking for work.  When I read the informationI became interested in becoming one.  I obtained an application form and became a Friend of the Black Watch Museum at the same time.

I do not have any connections myself to The Black Watch other than being Perth born and bred. However, I do have an interest in history both militarily and generally and being a volunteer in a museum was an opportunity not to miss.

As a fluent German speaker and a competent French speaker I enjoy taking the opportunity to practise these languages with German and French speakers when they arrive.  It also means I get to know a bit more about them.

I was doing a Poppy Partner shift at the car park when I heard the German accent.  I spoke to the couple in German.  When they came back out they asked me quite a few questions,  they perhaps felt their English was not quite good enough to ask what they wanted.  They asked a few things about Scotland’s history, about Scotland’s history, Edinburgh and places they could visit in Scotland.

John Deuchars | Poppy Partner

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