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The Black Watch Museum is honoured to care for over 34,000 items in its collection and archives, and we continue to welcome new donations. While we greatly appreciate every offer, we cannot accept all items offered to us. If you have an artefact or archive collection that you wish to donate, please follow these guidelines to ensure your contribution can be considered:

How to Donate an Object

  1. Contact Us: Please email a full description of the item and its connection to The Black Watch to our curator at Include any relevant dimensions and a photograph of the item if possible. We aim to reply to your offer within 14 days of your email.

  2. Collection Policy: Our decisions to accept items are based on several factors:

    • Items must align with our collections policy.
    • We cannot accept items with unknown or disputed ownership.
    • We may already have multiple examples of the item in our collection.
    • Due to storage limitations, we may have to refuse items based on their size.
    • We generally do not accept items with specific conditions attached or on long-term loan.

What Happens Next:

  • Acceptance: If your donation falls within our collection policy, is in good condition, and has clear title, we will accept it into our collection. Please note that our museum galleries are generally static, so it is unlikely that donated items will be put on immediate display. However, all artefacts and archives are available for viewing upon request.
  • Education Use: Some items, although not suitable for accessioning, may be useful to our education team as ‘handling’ objects. If this is the case, we will seek your permission to use the item in this way.
  • Alternative Suggestions: If an item does not fit our collection policy but is more appropriate for another museum, our team will do their best to assist you in finding a suitable home for your donation.

Thank you for considering contributing to The Black Watch Museum. Your contribution helps us preserve the history and heritage of The Black Watch Regiment for future generations.

Contact Us

For enquiries about donations, fundraising opportunities, or to learn more about how you can contribute, please contact us:

Phone: 01738 638152
Address: Balhousie Castle, Hay Street, Perth, PH1 5HR

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