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Roll of Honour

S/10718 Pte James BLYTH 8th Bn. 30/06/1916 S/13227 Pte Robert BOYD 2nd Bn. formerly S/12080 A. & S. High. 30/06/1916 1804 Pte James COOPER 7th Bn. 30/06/1916 S/12648 Pte William DOWIE 8th Bn. 30/06/1916 S/12695 Pte William EADIE 8th Bn. 30/06/1916 3641 Pte John FLYNN 6th Bn. 30/06/1916 S/12572 Pte Robert Henry KELLOCK 8th Bn. … Read more

Roll of Honour

S/13191 Pte John CARROLL 2nd Bn. formerly 537 A. & S.H. 29/06/1916 1858 Pte Charles FORBES 6th Bn. 29/06/1916 3429 Pte Peter McKILLOP 6th Bn. 29/06/1916 3844 Pte William MUIR 7th Bn. 29/06/1916 4942 Pte George Arklay RITCHIE 4th Bn. 29/06/1916 S/3892 Pte John SANDERSON 2nd Bn. 29/06/1916 S/13160 L Cpl John Alexander SELKIRK 2nd … Read more

Roll of Honour

S/4298 Pte George Buchanan ARNOTT 9th Bn. 28/06/1916 S/13243 Pte John BAIN 2nd Bn. formerly 2909 A.& S.H. 28/06/1916 S/13137 Pte Francis DOCHERTY 2nd Bn. formerly S/13047 A.& S. Highrs. 28/06/1916 S/13145 Pte James McHUGH 2nd Bn. formerly S/15613, A.& S. Highrs. 28/06/1916 S/12429 Pte Robert Gibson PONTON 9th Bn. 28/06/1916

10 facts about Poppies: Weeping Window

10 facts about Poppies: Weeping Window

'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' poppy installation at the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the First World War.

1. The sculptures of Weeping Window and Wave were initially conceived as the key dramatic elements in the installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London in the autumn of 2014. More than five million people visited the display.

2. The Weeping Window sculpture is a cascade comprising several thousand handmade ceramic poppies seen pouring from a high window to the ground below.

3. Each Poppy is hand crafted by Paul Cummins dedicated team.

4. Each ceramic poppy represents the life of a British and Colonial soldier who died in the First World War.

5. The ceramic poppies were created by artist Paul Cummins and the installation designed by Tom Piper.

6. Nearly 1 million people have seen the sculptures in UK locations including Yorkshire Sculpture Park, St George’s Hall in Liverpool, St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney, Lincoln Castle and cascading from the No.1 Heapstead at Woodhorn Museum. 14-18 NOW are yet to announce the 2017 and 2018 locations.

7. The most recent venue to host Weeping Window was St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney, where it became part of the Battle of Jutland commemorations. Whilst on display in Orkney it was viewed by over 40,000 visitors

8. The display of Weeping Window at Woodhorn Museum was seen by 125,000 visitors. Whilst at St George’s hall in Liverpool, it was viewed by 360,000 people.

9. The next venue to host Weeping Window will be Caernarfon Castle, Cardiff form 12th October to 20th November 2016

10. The sculptures will end their tour at Imperial War Museum, North and Imperial War Museum, London in the autumn of 2018. The sculptures will then be gifted to the Imperial War Museums.

Image Credit: Richard Lea-Hair and Historic Royal Palaces

Roll of Honour

4069 Pnr John McPherson CAMPBELL latterly 130629 No.2 Bn. Spec. Bde., R.E. 27/06/1916 3/4251 Pte Patrick McGINLEY 2nd Bn. formerly 3/6237, A.& S.H. 27/06/1916 S/6524 Pte William John McKENZIE 9th Bn. 27/06/1916 S/11709 Pte Robert McMEECHAN 2nd Bn. 27/06/1916 7709 Sgt Peter McNEILL latterly 147003 No. 1 Batn. Spec. Bde. Royal Engineers. 27/06/1916

Roll of Honour

S/10048 L Cpl William HUTTON 9th Bn. 24/06/1916 7439 Spr Alexander LANGLANDS latterly 139430 252nd Tunn. Coy, Royal Engineers. 24/06/1916 S/11992 Pte Joseph MITCHELL 9th Bn. 24/06/1916 S/11993 Pte James RITCHIE 9th Bn. 24/06/1916 3/4145 Sgt George WEST latterly 139428 252nd Tunn. Coy., R.E. 24/06/1916

Favourite artefacts | Shona Lowerson-Head

Shonagh Lowerson-Head, our learning and audiences officer tells us about her favourite object in the collection. My favourite object in the museum is not the oldest, the rarest or most impressive artefact on display. In fact, in isolation it is really quite unremarkable. A musket ball. What makes this object so special is its story. … Read more

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