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Roll of Honour

T/2nd Lieut John Donaldson KINNIBURGH (See Argyll & Sutherland Highrs.). 06/11/1917
T/2nd Lieut Ernest Anderson THOMSON 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345627 L Cpl Henry ADAMSON 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
3/2819 Pte Thomas William ASTON 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345953 L Cpl Robert BAXTER 14th Bn. formerly 3207 6th Royal Highlanders. 06/11/1917
345332 Pte David BRAID 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
540004 Pte William Nicoll COMBE 14th Bn. formerly S/3938 Gordon Highlanders. 06/11/1917
S/16294 Pte Walter DALGLEISH 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345633 Cpl James DOW 14th Bn. formerly 1981 6th Royal Highlanders. 06/11/1917
345545 A/L Cpl Henry DOWNIE 14th Bn. formerly 3511 F.& F. Yeomanry. 06/11/1917
345174 L Cpl William FLYNN 14th Bn. formerly 1976 F. & F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
345605 Pte Thomas Murray FYFE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
S/21841 Pte James GALT 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345962 Pte Charles GEDDES 14th Bn. formerly 3274 3/5th Royal Highlanders. 06/11/1917
S/13310 Pte George C GRIER 10th Bn. 06/11/1917
S/20370 Pte John HENDRIE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
S/8913 Pte Patrick HOBAN 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345301 Pte George HOWIE 14th Bn. formerly 3409, F. & F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/8224 Pte Henry HYND 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345247 Pte James Rae JOHNSTON 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345609 Pte William KEMP 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345717 Pte Laurence KING 14th Bn. formerly 3/933, 3rd Royal Highlanders. 06/11/1917
345358 L Cpl Arthur Hepburn LAWRENCE 14th Bn. formerly 2532 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/13133 L Cpl George McDONALD 14th Bn. formerly S/13151 13th Bn. A.& S.H. 06/11/1917
3/9916 Pte Daniel McDONALD 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
340018 Pte Donald McMILLAN 14th Bn. formerly TR/1/16682, 42nd T.R. Bn. 06/11/1917
345680 Pte Joseph McMILLAN 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345679 Pte James MILNE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
340016 Pte James Wishart MILNE 14th Bn. formerly TR/1/16466 42nd T.R. Bn. 06/11/1917
345871 Pte John Ross MILNE 14th Bn. formerly S/18020 R. Highrs. 06/11/1917
S/16758 Pte Francis T MUDIE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345350 Pte James Keddie MUIR 14th Bn. formerly 2517 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/20362 Pte Charles MUTCH 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345115 Pte James NICOL 14th Bn. formerly 1832 F.& F.Yeo. 06/11/1917
345769 Pte John Scotland NOTMAN 14th Bn. formerly S/14190 R.High. 06/11/1917
345161 Cpl Peter Meldrum OVENSTONE 14th Bn. formerly 1948 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
345394 Pte John PAKE 14th Bn. formerly 2586 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/16204 Pte David PEATTIE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345289 L Cpl George PRAIN 14th Bn. formerly 2373, F. & F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
345264 Cpl James Milne RATTRAY 14th Bn. formerly 22678 F. & F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
345598 Pte James RITCHIE 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345239 Pte William RODGER 14th Bn. formerly 2165 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/21819 Pte David Thomas ROSS 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345735 Pte Robert SCOTT 14th Bn. formerly S/5956 Royal Highrs. 06/11/1917
345951 Sgt John SHARP 14th Bn. formerly 1737 6th Royal Highrs. 06/11/1917
345172 A/Sgt Adam SPENCE 14th Bn. formerly 1972 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/20889 Pte Joseph STAFF 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345861 Pte Alexander STEWART 14th Bn. formerly 2945 6th Bn. R. High. 06/11/1917
2945 Pte Alexander STEWART latterly 345861 14th Bn. The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). 06/11/1917
345622 Pte Alexander Haugh SYMON 14th Bn. 06/11/1917
345444 Pte Neil WATSON 14th Bn. formerly 2709 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
345325 Pte David WILSON 14th Bn. formerly 2474 F.& F. Yeo. 06/11/1917
S/19663 Pte James WOODWARD 14th Bn. formerly 27321 K.O.Y.L.I. 06/11/1917

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2 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

    • Hello Margaret,
      Traditionally this was given as the soldier had enlisted for the duration of the war, however it now appears that the Black Watch used the S number series to denote that the soldier had gone into one of the new Service or Labour Battalions, the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th battalions:
      8th formed August 1914, disbanded November 1919
      9th formed September 1914, disbanded May 1918
      10th formed September 1914, disbanded October 1918
      11th formed November 1914, disbanded spring 1920
      12th formed May 1916, disbanded May 1917.
      Hope this helps.


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