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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Henry Scott TURNER 11/03/1915
791 Pte James ANDERSON 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
2019 Pte Samuel ANDERSON 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
S/7072 Pte Charles CROWE 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
3/3561 Pte Hamlyn FOWLER 1st Bn. 11/03/1915
1189 Pte Duncan GOW 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
566 Sgt Robert HARROW 4th Bn. 11/03/1915
3/3437 Pte James JOHNSTONE 1st Bn. 11/03/1915
1326 Pte John Kidd MACDONALD 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
1254 Pte George MACGREGOR 5th Bn. 11/03/1915
8437 Pte Robert MAWHINNIE 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
2271 Pte James NICHOLSON 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
1237 Pte William PAYNE 5th Bn. 11/03/1915
2374 Pte William SHEPHERD 5th Bn. 11/03/1915
9528 Pte Andrew SUMMERS 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
1141 Pte James TAYLOR 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
3/3095 Pte James THOMSON 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915
2131 L Cpl George VESSIE 2nd Bn. formerly 6142 3rd K.O.S.B. 11/03/1915
3/2521 Pte Alexander WILSON 2nd Bn. 11/03/1915

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4 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. I note prefixes to enlisted mens’ serial numbers such as S/**** or 3/**** What do these prefixes denote? Thank you, Roger

    • Hi Roger,

      The S/ prefix usually means the person enlisted in a Service battalion. Occasionally, however, after 1916 they started renumbering some of the Regulars so it is not always so straightforward.

      The 3/ prefix was used for men joining the 3rd Battalion.

      • Thank you for the clarification regarding serial numbers. I had no idea that post ’16 renumbering occurred within the regiment. I assume the 4 digit series just maxed out which prompted the renumbering.
        I have a few uniform questions (WW1) Who could I ask via email at the museum?
        Thank you,
        Roger Kirwin (USA)


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