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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Basil Thomas HOLLAND 10/03/1915
Capt Alexander Lyle WATT 5th Bn. (T.). 10/03/1915
1819 Pte David BALFOUR 5th Bn. 10/03/1915
753 Pte Patrick BRADY 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2631 Pte Alexander BROWN 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
3/4178 Pte John BROWN 1st Bn. 10/03/1915
2080 Pte William CLARK 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
1295 Pte James DALGLEISH 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2229 Pte John DUNDAS 5th Bn. 10/03/1915
1379 Pte William EADIE 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
1889 Pte Robert GRAY 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
1568 Pte Arthur HOWIE 5th Bn. 10/03/1915
1564 Pte James HOWIE 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
3/2765 Pte Thomas McDONALD 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
3103 Pte Robert McGREGOR 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
3/3591 Pte Alexander McLAUCHLAN 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
1499 Pte William MELVILLE 5th Bn. 10/03/1915
583 Pte Daniel MOORE 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2276 Pte William RATTRAY 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
1493 Pte Alexander ROBERTSON 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2275 Pte Thomas SCOTT 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
3/2558 Pte John SHORT 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2063 Pte Andrew STRACHAN 4th Bn. 10/03/1915
3/3244 A/Sgt Andrew SUTHERLAND 2nd Bn. 10/03/1915
2138 Pte William WILLIAMSON 4th Bn. 10/03/1915

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3 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. 1564/1569 Howie, James and Arthur – brothers? Does their almost consecutive numbers indicate they enlisted at the same time? If there is a proven relationship, interesting to note they were drafted into 4th and 5th battalions and not into the same battalion. Was this a standard regimental procedure at the time?

    • Roger, you are correct that so many on one day generally indicates a significant action. 10-12 March 1915 was the battle of Neuve Chapelle. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity at the moment to go through each post and include the action but we will try to respond to queries as we can.

      It is quite likely that James and Arthur were related; they’re numbers tell us they did indeed enlist at the same time. They would have trained together with the other men who enlisted at the same time as them but then would have been put in whatever battalion needed reinforcements. It is possible that, if they were brothers, they made a request to be in separate battalions; this was sometimes done as a precaution against two brothers being killed in the same action. Alas, in this case, the 4th and 5th Battalions both fought at Neuve Chapelle.

  2. When we see such significant numbers of casualties on the same date, I assume this indicates a significant raid or offensive. In cases such as 10.3.(19)15 is it possible to indicate the battle /offensive as a reference point? Thanks for all of your work on these postings Em. Very interesting.


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