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Roll of Honour

Today’s Roll of Honour commemorates those who died on the 11th November 1918 and also those who died as a consequence of the First World War in the days, weeks, months and years following the signing of the Armistice. We will remember them.

S/17470 Pte James DAVIDSON 2nd Bn. 11/11/1918
S/9452 A/Cpl Robert MACKIE 1st Bn. 11/11/1918
S/13149 Pte William NICOL 2nd Bn. formerly S/15636. A.& S.H. 11/11/1918
315980 Pte James Alexander Dean TAYLOR 13th Bn. formerly 2343 Scot.Horse. 11/11/1918
203220 Pte Peter BERRY 6th Bn. 12/11/1918
S/41051 Pte John McFarlane CURRIE 6th Bn. 12/11/1918
315404 Pte Adam McEWAN 13th Bn. formerly 3075 Scot. Horse. 12/11/1918
S/4679 Pte James Thomas SMITH latterly M2/132581 R.A.S.C. 12/11/1918
315133 Pte William HOWATSON 13th Bn. formerly 4284, Scot. Horse. 13/11/1918
350730 Pte Archie BLAIR 9th Bn. 14/11/1918
203358 Pte Andrew Cumming MACKAY 9th Bn. 14/11/1918
S/41401 Pte William James McROBBIE 1st Bn. 14/11/1918
1757 Pte Duncan STRONG Latterly S43045 and 327358 Cpl. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 14/11/1918
S/27703 Pte Alexander CHALMERS 9th Bn. 15/11/1918
S/21431 Pte James STRACHAN 2nd Bn. 15/11/1918
S/25689 Pte Angus MacDONALD 13th Bn. 16/11/1918
4193 Pte Robert QUEEN 16/11/1918
268857 Pte Alex MENZIES 2nd Bn. 17/11/1918
291641 Pte Joseph GAMMAGE 7th Bn. 18/11/1918
S/17702 Pte Norval Robert GARDEN 7th Bn. 18/11/1918
T/2nd Lieut William Joseph O’Neill B KAY 2nd Bn. 19/11/1918
94 Pte James GIBSON MM 2nd Bn. 19/11/1918
S/20445 Pte Joseph Christie SHEPHERD 2nd Bn. 20/11/1918
316656 Pte Alexander MILNE formerly 1746 3rd Scottish Horse Yeomanry 25/11/1918
S/22000 L Cpl William McLAGGAN 8th Bn. 26/11/1918
3513 Pte John DAVIDSON Latterly 262482, Labour Corps. 27/11/1918
Lieut Patrick Evelyn SMYTHE 3rd Bn. (att. 2/Bn.). 30/11/1918
291166 Pte William GRAY 7th Bn. 30/11/1918
S/21658 Pte George Wilson GORDON 2nd Bn. 05/12/1918
345342 L Cpl William Thomson GREIG 14th Bn. formerly 2507, F.& F. Yeomanry. 06/12/1918
315689 Pte William PENTLAND 13th Bn. formerly 1257, Scot. Horse. 08/12/1918
9041 Pte Charles McKAIN Latterly 529480 Labour Corps. 12/12/1918
11103 Pte Edward SMITH (Also 459 Agric. Coy., Labour Corps). 12/12/1918
345660 Pte David Joseph MITCHELL 14th Bn. 14/12/1918
3048 Pte James BLACKLAWS 15/12/1918
S/25606 Pte John CARNEGIE 6th Bn. 27/12/1918
266956 Pte John Gibson ABBEY 28/12/1918
267634 Pte Thomas SPENCE 03/01/1919
S/43728 Pte Albert Edwin WRIGHT 6th Bn. 22/01/1919
S/17021 Pte Charles SCOTT 8th Bn. 29/01/1919
S/28500 Pte George McLEOD 22/02/1919
Lieut George Alex ANDERSON 4th Bn. (T.F.). 27/02/1919
1299 Pte David COOPER 2nd Bn. 05/03/1919
6541 L Cpl George WOOD latterly 373382 Labour Corps. 09/03/1919
4341 Pte Alexander SUTHERLAND latterly 35846 2nd Bn. H.L.I. 17/04/1919
600 Pte James Smith FOWLER 15/05/1919
2nd Lieut William Horn LINDSAY (att. 6th Bn.). 30/05/1919
6674 Pte Alexander MORRIN 01/06/1919
S/13148 Pte Archibald McDOUGALL 2nd Bn. formerly S/13148 A.& S.H. 28/06/1919
S/25831 Pte George BELL 8th Bn. 03/08/1919
S/7637 A/Cpl David ANDERSON 9th Bn. 17/08/1919
S/22741 Pte William ADAMSON 23/08/1919
15764 L Cpl Robert PATE 24/08/1919
S/24558 Pte William Gordon SCOTT 6th Bn. formerly 2368 Scot. Horse. 29/08/1919
315709 Pte Thomas Dow SIMPSON 13th Bn. formerly 1029 Scottish Horse. 19/10/1919
Lieut John Cairns DEAS 31/12/1919
Steward David Craik Guthrie REID (Died Demobolization). 4th Bn. 21/05/1921
2744684 Sgt Albert John Marett SELVESTER 09/06/1921
Lieut Patrick Wright ANDERSON latterly RFC and RAF 02/11/1921
130449 Cpl John Sidney SKED Formerly Scottish Horse. Latterly 425030 Labour Corps. 03/02/1925
Pte David TAYLOR Formerly Royal Scots Greys. (Unconfirmed) 29/08/1925
21092 Pte James RAE MM Also served in The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). 18/08/1927
1800 Pte James COCHRANE 19/04/1946

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