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Roll of Honour

Capt Philip Graham EGERTON 3rd Bn. 18/10/1918
2nd Lieut Ernest Woods GYLE 7th Bn. (T.). 18/10/1918
Lieut Henry Herbert JALLAND 3rd Bn. (att. 1st Bn.). 18/10/1918
2nd Lieut David SMITH MC DCM 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
266680 Pte James ANDERSON 6th Bn. 18/10/1918
268947 Pte Henry CHICK 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
292611 L Cpl Harold DOBINSON 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
S/21038 Pte John MacKenzie DUFF 1st Bn. formerly T/186021 R.A.S.C. 18/10/1918
315316 Pte Peter DUFFUS 13th Bn. formerly 3789 Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
7312 Sgt Thomas DUNCAN 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
S/5779 Pte James ELRICH 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
S/41110 Pte James FRAME 6th Bn. 18/10/1918
315251 Pte James GRIER 13th Bn. formerly 4567, Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
S/13347 Pte William KELLY 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
267047 Pte Arthur KEMP 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
S/40372 L Cpl Duncan LAWSON 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
S/6881 Cpl John LENNOX 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
2528 Pte David LOVE latterly 26883 2nd Garr. Bn. The Northd. Fus. 18/10/1918
315169 Pte Colin MacKAY 13th Bn. formerly 4131, Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
S/5726 Cpl John McGREGOR 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
315389 Pte Robert Andrew McLEAN 13th Bn. 18/10/1918
316733 Sgt John McTAVISH 13th Bn. formerly 1107 Scottish Horse. 18/10/1918
316650 Pte John MENZIES 13th Bn. formerly 3816 Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
315902 Pte Albert Edward James MURRAY 13th Bn. formerly 5306 Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
200144 Pte David NEWSOME 6th Bn. 18/10/1918
316363 Pte Thomas NICHOLSON 13th Bn. formerly 2291 Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918
268389 Pte John PATERSON 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
1291 Sgt Alexander RAMSAY MM* 1st Bn. 18/10/1918
315974 Pte David George SMITH 13th Bn. formerly 5918 Scot. Horse. 18/10/1918

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