Roll of Honour

Capt Algernon Basil CLARK MC 3rd Bn. (and R.A.F.). 03/10/1918
315603 L Cpl James DICKSON 13th Bn. formerly 5053 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
316403 Cpl Ian Walcot FRASER 13th Bn. formerly 4028 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
315619 Pte David GRAHAM 13th Bn. formerly 5640 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
S/5320 Pte Philip GRUBB latterly 350967, 1/8th Bn. A. & S.H. 03/10/1918
315750 Pte Alexander HAIG 13th Bn. formerly 4536, Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
285104 Pte James HUGHES 8th Bn. 03/10/1918
315633 Pte John Leslie INGLIS 13th Bn. formerly 6777, Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
S/25516 Pte Joseph INNES 4/5th Bn. 03/10/1918
315674 Pte George Davidson Morrison McDONALD 13th Bn. formerly 5511 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
200423 Pte William Robertson McGREGOR 8th Bn. 03/10/1918
316720 Pte John McLENNAN 13th Bn. formerly 4870, Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
316741 Pte Oliver Armstrong NELSON 13th Bn. formerly 1637 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
S/41464 Pte Daniel L RATTRAY 8th Bn. 03/10/1918
S/25192 Pte Henry SHIELDS 4/5th Bn. 03/10/1918
315706 Pte Robert SKINNER 13th Bn. 03/10/1918
315718 L Cpl Alexander THAIN 13th Bn. formerly 6022 Scot. Horse. 03/10/1918
268968 Pte Andrew WALLACE 13th Bn. formerly 1954 R.A.M.C. 03/10/1918

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