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Roll of Honour

Lieut (A/Capt) Philip Leslie Campbell COLQUHOUN MC 3rd Bn. (att. 1st Bn.). 19/09/1918
2nd Lieut Harold Henderson SMITH 4th Bn. (T.). 19/09/1918
345830 L Cpl John ALLAN 1st Bn. formerly S/8484 Royal High. 19/09/1918
3/2756 Pte William CRAKE 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
292399 Pte Robert EWITT 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/23882 Pte William HOLMES 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/21731 Pte Allan McDOUGALL 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
268553 Pte Alexander McGREGOR 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/7379 Pte John McGUIRE 2nd Bn. 19/09/1918
S/17049 Pte Thomas MEIKLEJOHN latterly S/17502 1st Bn. The Seaforth Highrs. 19/09/1918
34007 Pte John OKEY 14th Bn. formerly TR/1/6564 42nd T.R.Bn. 19/09/1918
S/43390 L Cpl John PATERSON 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/22364 Pte Alexander PATTERSON 2nd Bn. 19/09/1918
S/5472 Pte James SALMON 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/17121 Pte James SMEATON 2nd Bn. 19/09/1918
345381 Cpl Thomas STANNERS 1st Bn. formerly 2571 F.& F. Yeo. 19/09/1918
S/9091 Cpl Sidney STEVENS 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/13077 Pte Edwin WILSON 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
S/40090 Pte William WRIGHT 1st Bn. 19/09/1918
200354 Pte William YUILLE latterly T/203546 7th Bn. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). 19/09/1918

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