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Roll of Honour

S/25136 Pte Andrew ARMIT 6th Bn. 10/09/1918
310082 Pte Charles BREBNER 14th Bn. formerly 6229 H.C. Bn. 10/09/1918
345092 L Cpl David Logan COUPAR 14th Bn. formerly 1755 F.& F. Yeomanry. 10/09/1918
S/25013 Pte Robert DALL 6th Bn. 10/09/1918
S/15546 L Cpl James DAVIDSON 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
345959 Pte James DAWSON 14th Bn. formerly 3581 Royal Highlanders. 10/09/1918
308 Pte Thomas DONALDSON 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
340017 Pte John FORD 14th Bn. formerly TR/1/16639 42nd T.R.Bn. 10/09/1918
345253 Pte John A P GEEKIE 14th Bn. formerly 2217 F.& F.Yeo. 10/09/1918
S/20365 Pte David HALLIDAY 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
S/41883 Pte William Dewar JARVIS 6th Bn. formerly 32025, Cameron Highrs. 10/09/1918
345659 Pte William MARTIN 14th Bn. formerly 2828 2/4th Royal Highlanders. 10/09/1918
S/41665 Pte William McCONNACHIE 14th Bn. formerly 153373 Scot. Horse. 10/09/1918
4005 Pte William MILLER latterly 47303 7/8th Bn. The Royal Inniskilling Fus. 10/09/1918
203406 Pte William MUNRO 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
S/43045 Pte James NAIRN 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
S/21830 Pte William PERSTON 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
345313 Pte John Wilkie Black RAMSAY 14th Bn. formerly 2450, F. & F. Yeo. 10/09/1918
345978 Pte Henry RENNIE 14th Bn. formerly 2523, 6th Royal Highrs. 10/09/1918
345125 Cpl James Wellington RITCHIE 14th Bn. formerly 1865, F.& F. Yeo. 10/09/1918
346033 Pte Andrew Mansfield SLATER 14th Bn. formerly T/1856 R.A.S.C. 10/09/1918
S/20361 Pte Robert SMITH 14th Bn. 10/09/1918
S/42116 Pte James WALKER 7th Bn. formerly 126497 Lovat Scouts. 10/09/1918
S/15545 L Cpl Charles YOUNGER 14th Bn. 10/09/1918

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