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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut John William BARR 5th Bn. (T.). 24/03/1918
S/40930 Pte John Kennedy ALLAN 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
293037 Pte Thomas BRAND 7th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/9422 Sgt Andrew BROWN 9th Bn. 24/03/1918
202408 Pte James CHALMERS 4/5th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/23123 Pte John CHRISTIE latterly S/41499 4th Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 24/03/1918
203224 Pte James COULTER 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/43007 Pte Charles DONAGHEY 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/18842 Pte Alexander Stewart DONALD 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/22844 Pte Robert Smith DONALD 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
2506 Pte James DORAN latterly 116364 Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 24/03/1918
3473 Pte Alexander FORRESTER latterly 289153 Labour Corps. 24/03/1918
S/19724 Pte Robert FRASER 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/23131 Pte David Kelly GEARY 8th Bn. formerly 1/1972 38th T.R.Bn. 24/03/1918
3/4214 Sgt Mark GOLDSMITH 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/24038 Pte Thomas Thomson JOHNSTON 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/40744 Pte John KERRIGAN 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/24039 Pte Andrew Moir LEITH 8th Bn. formerly 151983 Scottish Horse. 24/03/1918
240624 L Cpl Walter LONGMUIR 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/9890 Pte George LOWRIE 4/5th Bn. 24/03/1918
3538 Cpl James McAULAY latterly S/7017 9th Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 24/03/1918
S/22923 Pte Thomas Boyd McFARLANE 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/3323 WO2 (CSM) James McFARLANE 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/9826 Pte James McLEOD 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
266699 Pte William Hill McQUATTIE 6th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/9029 Pte James MILNE 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
268642 Pte Henry MOYES latterly 108499 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 24/03/1918
S/9795 Pte George OGILVIE 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
203157 Pte Alexander PEGGIE 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/13349 Pte David Drummond ROBERTSON 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/10367 Pte David ROBSON 8th Bn. formerly 8326, 5th Res. Cav. Regt. 24/03/1918
S/43072 Pte George SHEPHERD 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/3019 Pte David SIMPSON 8th Bn. 24/03/1918
5/16060 Pte James STENHOUSE latterly 36957 12th Bn. The Royal Scots. 24/03/1918
S/21721 Pte William THOMSON 6th Bn. 24/03/1918
S/40928 Pte Henry WALKER 8th Bn. 24/03/1918

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