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‘Words of War’ Book Festival 
War and Peace – Were lessons learnt?

“War should be so engaged in that nothing but peace should appear to be aimed at”, wrote Cicero. Yet after four years of fighting, and the ultimate defeat of the Quadruple Alliance, in 1919 Marshal Ferdinand Foch protested – with astonishing accuracy – that the Treaty of Versailles was “not a peace but a twenty-year armistice”.

Soldier, turned award-winning author, Allan Mallinson is a consummate military historian and newspaper commentator on matters of defence. Based on his World War One books, Allan will explore whether the Allies lost sight of what they were fighting for and, if so, why? Was the subsequent Paris Peace Conference a failure, a lost opportunity for a lasting peace? Why did Foch’s prediction prove to be so prescient? Has the relative peace in Europe since 1945 been in part due to the lessons learned from 1919 and the two decades that followed? In other words, how do the major wars of the last century measure up to Cicero’s view?

Allan Mallinson is also author of the Matthew Hervey novels based on the fictional 6th Light Dragoons in the early nineteenth century.


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Book Festival – Allan Mallinson

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