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Kelpies at the Castle3rd May 2017

Iconic Kelpie Maquettes make their first visit to The Home of The Black Watch

The Kelpies Maquettes, 10ft horses heads sculptures hand crafted by renowned Scottish sculptor Andy Scott, are visiting The Black Watch Castle and Museum from 2-19 June. The Maquettes, often referred to as the mini Kelpies, were made as models to re-create the world’s largest equine sculpture, The Kelpies.

Anne Kinnes, Chief Executive Officer at the Castle and Museum explains, “The team are thrilled to welcome the Kelpie Maquettes to The Black Watch Castle and Museum. They will play a significant part in our ongoing partnership with local and national artists and organisations to showcase a selection of art, poetry and sculpture at the Castle”.

“The touring Maquettes are a fitting tribute to the history of the working horse in Scotland; their time at the Castle and Museum will encourage us all to reflect on the important working role of horses throughout Scottish and military history”.

“These striking sculptures will be located within the courtyard of the historic Balhousie Castle – The Home of The Black Watch”.

Pete Reid, Manager of the Growth Investment Unit Falkirk Council tells us, “We are delighted that the Kelpie Maquettes will be visiting The Black Watch Castle and Museum in June of this year.  The Kelpie Maquettes are fantastic travelling ambassadors for the Kelpies, and have travelled to key events in New York, The Ryder Cup, the Grand National and many more. “

The original Kelpies stand 30 metres tall, weighing 300 tonnes and are the dramatic centre piece of The Helix, an area of parkland between Falkirk and Grangemouth.  The Kelpies pay homage to the tradition of working horses of Scotland which used to pull barges along Scotland’s canals and worked in the fields in the area which they now stand.

The Kelpie Maquettes can be seen at The Black Watch Castle and Museum from 2-19 June, 9.30am – 4.30pm. Visit for more details of related events.