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Givenchy/Cuincy Memorial Service25th Jan 2015

For an account of the event, and images, please see our Facebook Page. 

At 1100 on Sunday 25 January 2015 The Black Watch Castle & Museum will host a special service to remember those Black Watch men who fell 100 years before and to Lay Up the Standards of the North Scotland Branch of the British Korean Veterans Association.

The North Scotland Branch of the British Korean Veterans Association was wound up earlier this year. It has agreed that the Standards of the Association should be formally retired, or Laid Up, at The Black Watch Museum. The Black Watch Regiment served in Korea in 1952-53 and has strong links with the British Korean Veterans Association.

The men of The Black Watch who were killed on 25 January 1915 will be remembered in a short memorial service at 1100 on the centenary of that date. The focus of the memorial service will be placing crosses for every man who was killed on the Black Watch Memorial Wall. Local Cadets will assist with hanging the crosses on the Wall.
The Black Watch First World War Memorial Wall project focuses on the heritage of The Black Watch in the First World War, and the ramifications of that War on the Regiment, specifically that we – as a Nation, as a community – now remember those who fell in battle, and recognise the contribution they made.
Throughout the First World War centenary, a cross will be hung on the Wall for each soldier killed on that day. The names will be read out and the crosses hung during a ceremony at 11am every day during the rest of the centenary period.
The Memorial Wall project has been made possible throughout funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for Scotland, and the support of The Black Watch Association, the Lady Haig Poppy Factory and the Guildry Incorporation of Perth.

Members of the public and families of the fallen are welcome to attend this free event.