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Identifying Medals

Medals are a token of recognition awarded to soldiers for different kind of service. In various forms, they have been given for hundreds of years.


There is a great Wikipedia reference page which organises the various British campaign medals chronologically by ribbon – the latter being a good visual reference to assist in identifying medals.

First World War

medals WW1
The three standard medals issued to most FWW soldiers are:


Second World War

The standard issue SWW medals are:

medals WW2
In additional, soldiers were issued with medals relating to specific theatres of War. In the Second World War, the Regiment served in nearly every major theatre of War, and as a result, soldiers may have been issued with the following medals:


In addition, the 2nd Battalion The Black Watch served with the Chindits in Burma and were awarded the Burma Star.



The General Service medal was issued with a Bar for the individual campaigns in which the Regiment served following the Second World War.