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The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland is currently based at Fort George, a spectacular 18th century fortress located 11 miles outside Inverness in the Scottish highlands.

We are one of the Light Role Infantry Battalions within 19 (Light) Brigade and therefore very much at the forefront of the British Army, capable of conducting training and operations across the full spectrum of conflict from peacekeeping to warfighting.

In the light battalion role, we train in the use of the very latest machine guns, anti tank weapons, mortars, grenade launchers, sniper rifles and personal radios. We are equipped with a variety of vehicles and also train for air manoeuvre with support and attack helicopters. 

The Black Watch Battalion has everything to offer a young man seeking a career in the Army: pay, adventure, sport, excitement, life skills and technical knowledge are all there. We are committed to developing every individual to fulfil his potential and we achieve this through the variety of opportunities that we offer for employment, training, education and travel. 

As well as being trained as a first class infantry soldier, you can choose to specialise within the Battalion as a driver, sniper, machine-gunner, signaller, medic, physical training instructor, piper, drummer, assault pioneer or intelligence collator - to name but a few. Although based in Inverness, our work takes us all over the world. In the last 10 years the Battalion has been in Iraq, Germany, Canada, Poland, Kosovo, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Kenya and the Falkland Islands, with individuals also visiting locations as diverse as the USA, Australia, Egypt, Crete and Russia. 

In spring 2009 we deployed for 6 months as the main manoeuvre and strike force in southern Afghanistan - this role saw us deployed into both Helmand and Kandahar provinces. On return from the tour we took part in a number of adventure training activities including paragliding, skiing, sailing, and kayaking to name but a few. 

In July 2010 we deployed to Kenya to take part in a test exercise in preparation for our next tour. On our return, we took on a high readiness role for 6 months before starting our training for Afghanistan.

The Battalion deployed to Helmand Province in the autumn of 2011. Whereas our focus on the last tour was providing an airborne strike capability, the Battalion assisted with the transition towards Afghan governance. The role will saw us building the capability of the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army. 

In early 2013 we assumed the role as the United Kingdom's Contingency battalion, providing contingency support to civilian authorities and are maintained at high readiness to deploy if required. In this role we provided public order capability for the G8 summit, and have trained for and deployed in support of local governments in England and Wales during Fire Brigade Union industrial action.

As you will have seen on the other pages of this website, The Black Watch has always prided itself on its local ties and family spirit. This ethos lives on in The Black Watch Battalion. The majority of the soldiers in the Battalion come from Dundee, Fife, Angus and Perthshire and many serving soldiers are following relatives into the Regiment. We also have soldiers from other nations such as Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and we extend a warm and Scottish welcome to everyone who serves with us, wherever they originate from. In particular, we consider that our families are an essential part of the regiment and we ensure wives and children are well looked after and supported.

Our name and the Red Hackle are renowned, but our reputation is based on operational success. The Black Watch Battalion combines the best of our history and traditions with the cutting-edge assets and opportunities of the modern British Army. We look forward to continuing our record of service to the nation and our Sovereign.