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The Black Watch

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Army Reserve

51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

The tradition of the Black Watch volunteer soldier lives on.

The recent re-structuring of the Army and the name change from Territorial Army to Army Reserve has not changed the character of the soldiers.  They still have the ethos and fighting spirit of their forefathers.

A Company, 51st Highland, 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland who are headquartered in Dundee are the direct descendants of the 4th (City of Dundee), 5th (Angus), 6th (Perthshire) and 7th (Fife) Battalions who forged their reputations in France and Flanders during the First World War (1914 – 1918) and again in France, North Africa, Italy and North West Europe from 1939 - 1945.

The soldiers in the Company, many of whom have served on Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (as well as other theatres like Cyprus, Kosovo, Former Yugoslavia etc.) are now drawn from Dundee, Angus, Fife, Perthshire and Aberdeenshire and are working towards ever closer integration with their regular cousins in The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the other battalions in the Regiment.

To find out more about joining the Army Reserve please click here.

PHOTOThe Regimental Family: LCpl Robert Randall (3 SCOTS), Pte Gairoch (7 SCOTS), Sgt Scott Douglas (Adult Instructor Perth Viewlands Detachment ACF) and Scott Dalton (Black Watch Association) represent the Regimental family.