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The Black Watch

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Affiliated Regiments

As one might expect for a Regiment with such a huge global influence we’ve attracted many friends and admirers over the years. Perhaps none more so than our affiliated regiments across the world. 

Our influence has spread throughout the Commonwealth and we have affiliations with Regiments in Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, The Royal Queensland Regiment and The Royal New South Wales Regiment maintain a proud association with The Black Watch as do a Troop of the New Zealand Scottish.

In South Africa The Transvaal Scottish, another reserve unit has been active since 1902 and maintains close links with the Black Watch.

In Canada The Black Watch has strong affiliations with two reserve units; The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada which predates Canada itself, having been formed in 1862 and The Prince Edward Island Regiment (RCAC) which was founded in 1921.

Any friend of our affiliates is a friend of The Black Watch and is more than welcome at our Regimental Association Headquarters at Balhousie Castle in Perth.