Upcoming Events for Events https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/ Christmas Lunch and carols at the Castle https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/christmas-lunch-and-carols-at-the-castle/?date=2018-12-11 <p>Celebrate the Festive season with a delicious 3 course lunch followed by a performance of much loved Christmas carols from Perth Choral Society. <br>Lunch will be served at 1pm with the carol singing beginning at 3pm.</p> <p>£25 per person | 01738 638152 Ex 202 to book</p> Thu, 06 Sep 2018 10:34:27 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/christmas-lunch-and-carols-at-the-castle/?date=2018-12-11 Lecture | Mud, Blood and Bandages: The Royal Army Medical Corp on the Western Front, 1914-18 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-mud-blood-and-bandages-the-royal-army-medical-corp-on-the-western-front-1914-18/?date=2018-12-12 <p>In this lunch time lecture historian Andy Robertshaw will look at how the medical services coped with the conditions of the Western Front and treated and evacuated the wounded. What role did women play in this process? Was it just 'luck' that kept you alive? Were there any medical advances and what is the medical legacy today of the Great War?</p> <p>Historian, broadcaster and educator, Andy Robertshaw can make the past come alive for audiences of all ages and in different settings. He has extensive broadcasting experience and is the author of several books on the First World War and trench warfare. His knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject is boundless and with a background in education and museums, he has the skills to illustrate the reality and horror of warfare for the ordinary soldier. He created and built the replica trench which stands in the grounds of The Black Watch Castle and Museum. In this centenary period, he is particularly keen to explain the relevance and impact of the First World War to all ages in a range of venues, including leading battlefield tours abroad.</p> <p>£8 non-members | £6 Friends | reservation recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:05:30 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-mud-blood-and-bandages-the-royal-army-medical-corp-on-the-western-front-1914-18/?date=2018-12-12 Winter Festival at the Castle https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/winter-festival-at-the-castle/?date=2018-12-15 <p>Discover a day of festive fun for all the family at the Castle and Museum’s annual Winter Festival.</p> <p><strong>Christmas in the Trenches | </strong><strong>10.00am, 11.00am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm</strong><br>It’s Christmas Eve in the trenches. Meet old soldier Private Angus McNiven as he cooks his Christmas pudding and opens his parcels from home.<br>Pre-booking of preferred time advised.</p> <p><strong>Christmas Letters to loved ones | </strong><strong>10.00am-3.45pm</strong><br>Receiving letters from loved ones would help to boost the soldier’s spirits. Using the old writing paper and ink write a letter to a soldier in the trenches at Christmas.</p> <p><strong>Christmas Crafts | 10.00am-3.45pm<br></strong>Make your very own Black Watch Christmas stocking and Christmas card. </p> <p><strong>Santa Gallery Trail | 10.00am-3.45pm</strong><br>How many hidden Santa’s can you find in the Museum galleries?</p> <p><strong>Winter Glitter Face and Hand Art | 10.00am-12md, 1.00pm-3.15pm<br></strong>Add some Festive glitz and glamour to your day with a sparkling Christmas inspired face and hand art.</p> <p><strong>Cookie Decorating |10.00am-3.45pm</strong><br>Get creative and decorate your own Christmas star shortbread.</p> <p><strong>Prize Draw | 10.00am-3.45pm</strong><br>Spend over £10 in the Castle Gift Shop and enter our lucky dip to win a gorgeous gift.</p> <p><strong>Drawing Competition | 10.00am – 3.00pm | Judging by Santa at 3.15pm</strong><br>Calling all budding artists! Show us your creative flair by drawing a picture of our Castle in the wintertime. You can draw and colour your picture at home and bring it with you or take some time during the festival to produce your masterpiece. <br>Entries will be judged by Santa himself with the two winners switching on The Black Watch Christmas lights.<br>Two age categories - Under 9’s and 9 upwards</p> <p><strong>Christmas Cryptic Code Challenge | 10.15am, 12md, 1.15pm, 2.30pm<br></strong>Calling all secret agents! Enter the WW1 gallery and help your team work out the cryptic codes to win the prize. <br>Pre-booking of preferred time advised.</p> <p><strong>Letters from the Front | 10.30am, 2.45pm<br></strong>Join our archivist as he reads letters and poems written by soldiers from The Black Watch Museum archive.</p> <p><strong>Sing-a-long with Santa | 10.45am, 11.45am, 1.00pm, 2.15pm</strong><br>Santa has lost the gift tags he needs to label his presents. Can you help him find them? Along the way, listen to some of his festive stories and sing-along with his favourite Christmas Carols.<br>Pre-booking of preferred time advised.</p> <p><strong>Festive Folk Music | 11.15am, 1.15pm<br></strong>Find your dancing feet as our resident musicians play the fiddle and penny whistle spreading Festive joy with a selection of well-known Christmas tunes.</p> <p><strong>Christmas Carols | 3.45pm<br></strong>Join Perth and Kinross Council Choir as they perform a selection of classic Christmas Carols by the The Black Watch Christmas tree.</p> <p><strong>Christmas Light Switch on | 3.55pm</strong><br>Gather in the Castle courtyard and help Santa and our competition winner switch on The Black Watch Christmas tree lights.</p> <p>Adults Free | Children £5 | 01738 638152 to pre-book timed activities and entry tickets</p> Wed, 26 Sep 2018 13:24:08 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/winter-festival-at-the-castle/?date=2018-12-15 Lecture | In Their Own Words https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-in-their-own-words/?date=2019-01-09 <p>The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month awakens special emotions. No other day in the year is like it. Even a century on, it is marked in ever-greater solemnity with red poppies, tolling bells and somber remembrance.  One hundred years on, the men who could talk about the 1918 Armistice are gone. There are no survivors. Only the words they wrote allow us to share their extraordinary stories. Dr Norman Watson's illustrated talk uses a remarkable collection of unpublished letters from November 11, 1918 to record and explain what actually happened on the day the Great War ended. This is the Armistice remembered by those who were there, and by the anxious families who waited and wondered if their loved ones had survived.</p> <p>Dr Norman Watson is a journalist and one of Scotland’s best-selling authors. After 25 years as a writer on the Dundee Courier he is now DC Thomson’s first-ever company historian.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences<br>£10 non-members | £8 Friends | reservation recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:09:23 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-in-their-own-words/?date=2019-01-09 Lecture | How to trace a Soldier https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-how-to-trace-a-soldier/?date=2019-01-22 <p>This is an introductory talk designed to help those who know little about how to trace their military ancestors and would like to find out more. It will focus upon the last 150 years but will also mention the preceding centuries and how to pursue information from those different eras. As well as highlighting major research resources it shall also share anecdotes about the rewards, perils and pitfalls of pursuing the service career of your ancestors.</p> <p>Richard Hunter is the Archivist at The Black Watch Castle and Museum. Having taken his degree at Aberdeen University his introduction to the art of professional archives was as a young post graduate in the former Sandeman Library in Perth. Managing a typing pool, several researchers and a large archival research programme was a great grounding before joining Edinburgh City Archives. Richard spent 25 years with the Edinburgh City Archive most of them as City Archivist.</p> <p>Richard joined The Black Watch Castle and Museum in 2017. His aim is to ensure the wealth of the Museum’s rich archival resources are made even more engaging and accessible for all.</p> <p>£8 non-members | £6 Friends<br>Reservation recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:18:47 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-how-to-trace-a-soldier/?date=2019-01-22 Museum Explorer's Club | Roads and bridges https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/museum-explorers-club-roads-and-bridges/?date=2019-01-26 <p>Explore the early history of The Black Watch as we discover how General George Wade opened up the Highlands with his famous network of roads.  Follow in Wade’s footsteps as we have a go at making our own bridges and roads to cross some tricky terrain.</p> <p>£5 per child (drink, snack and Museum Explorer’s polo shirt included) or free with Museum family annual pass| Ages 7-12 | Reservation required| 01738 638152</p> Thu, 06 Sep 2018 10:37:47 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/museum-explorers-club-roads-and-bridges/?date=2019-01-26 Lecture | The First Battle of the Atlantic https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-first-battle-of-the-atlantic/?date=2019-02-06 <p>The First World War at sea lasted from the moment the first shot was fired until the last. Though a much focus was on the great battle of Jutland, more important was the struggle between German submarines and the Royal Navy over control of the Atlantic. This first Battle of the Atlantic represented the one battle that the Allies had to win if they were to triumph. It involved an intricate tapestry of technology, tactics and international politics. Professor O'Brien will discuss some key moments in the First Battle of the Atlantic. It will analyse how the struggle unfolded, how it determined the course of the war and how it foreshadowed events in the Second World War.</p> <p>Professor Phillips O’Brien joined the Institute for the Study of War and Strategy as the University of St Andrews chair in Strategic Studies in September 2016.  Professor O’Brien has recently published a study of Admiral William D Leahy, the Chief of Staff to US President Fraklin D Rosevelt and Harry S Truman.  Previous publications include, ‘How the war was won: air-sea power and the Allied victory in World War II’ and also, ‘Logistics by Land and Air’.  He is currently working on a large scale study of airpower theory and doctrine in the 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> centuries.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences<br>£10 non-members | £8 Friends | reservation Recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:32:24 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-first-battle-of-the-atlantic/?date=2019-02-06 Lecture | The Paris Peace Conference and the Making of a New World Order https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-paris-peace-conference-and-the-making-of-a-new-world-order/?date=2019-03-14 <p>The Paris Peace Conference came at the end of what was seen at the time as the war to end all wars. It was dictated largely by Lloyd George (UK), Clemenceau (France), Woodrow Wilson (USA) and Vittoria Orlando (Italy). Germany was not permitted to take part but was required to sign the agreement.Some of the outcomes saw the League of Nations being founded from Wilson’s Fourteen Points focusing largely on self-determination for nation states. Germany lost 13% of her territory, with the Rhineland being demilitarised and coal from the Saar region exported to France. Payment of reparations by Germany, as compensation for damage, was fixed at £6.6 billion. This shocked and angered the German people who felt that they had been stabbed in the back.  They rounded on the politicians of the Weimar Republic leading to a rise in fascism which eventually saw Hitler’s Nazi Party come to power in Germany and Mussolini’s Fascist party in Italy. </p> <p>Professor Peter Jackson holds the Chair of Global Security at the University of Glasgow. A graduate of Carleton University, Ottowa, of the University of Calgary and of Cambridge, he has taught at Yale, Aberystwyth and Strathclyde. In 2012 - 13 he was visiting professor at Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris. Editor of the journal Intelligence and National Security, he has written numerous books and articles, his most recent book being, ‘Beyond the Balance of Power: France and the politics of National Security in the era of WW1’.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences<br>£10 non-members | £8 Friends | reservation recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:50:33 +0100 https://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-paris-peace-conference-and-the-making-of-a-new-world-order/?date=2019-03-14