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Lecture | The First Battle of the Atlantic

Lecture | The First Battle of the Atlantic

Wed, Feb. 6, 2019 6:30pm — 8:00pm

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The First World War at sea lasted from the moment the first shot was fired until the last. Though a much focus was on the great battle of Jutland, more important was the struggle between German submarines and the Royal Navy over control of the Atlantic. This first Battle of the Atlantic represented the one battle that the Allies had to win if they were to triumph. It involved an intricate tapestry of technology, tactics and international politics. Professor O'Brien will discuss some key moments in the First Battle of the Atlantic. It will analyse how the struggle unfolded, how it determined the course of the war and how it foreshadowed events in the Second World War.

Professor Phillips O’Brien joined the Institute for the Study of War and Strategy as the University of St Andrews chair in Strategic Studies in September 2016.  Professor O’Brien has recently published a study of Admiral William D Leahy, the Chief of Staff to US President Fraklin D Rosevelt and Harry S Truman.  Previous publications include, ‘How the war was won: air-sea power and the Allied victory in World War II’ and also, ‘Logistics by Land and Air’.  He is currently working on a large scale study of airpower theory and doctrine in the 20th and 21st centuries.

6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences
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