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Book Festival | Scots in the Spanish Civil War

Book Festival | Scots in the Spanish Civil War

Sun, Sep. 22, 2019 4:30pm — 5:30pm

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Daniel Gray and Professor Willy Maley in conversation with Dr Paul Philippou

When General Franco with the support of Mussolini and Hitler attacked the Spanish Republic in 1936 there began a three-year civil war. Into that conflict came 40,000 International Brigade volunteers (549 from Scotland) in defence of democracy. Professor Willy Maley and Daniel Gray, in conversation with Dr Paul Philippou, author of Spanish Thermopylae will draw upon letters and personal accounts to tell of those Scots who fought in Spain.

Willy Maley is Professor of Renaissance Studies at Glasgow University and an award-winning dramatist. His play, From the Calton to Catalonia, is based on his father’s captivity as an International Brigades volunteer in a Spanish POW camp. As well as writing eight books, Daniel Gray has researched and written several documentaries. His account of Scotland’s role in Spain Homage to Caledonia was nominated for a Saltire Prize. 

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