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Book Festival | How to research and publish your book

Book Festival | How to research and publish your book

Sun, Sep. 22, 2019 1:30pm — 2:30pm

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Black Watch Museum Archivist Richard Hunter in discussion with Publisher Dr Paul Philippou

Military memoirs are often the most readable and interesting works in war literature. From Julius Caesar’s The Conquest of Gaul to Ollie Ollerton’s account of his time in the SAS, soldiers have written of their war experiences. In many cases, military memoirs and biographies remain unpublished; in most cases, unwritten. Yet they can provide valuable historical information and add to a popular literary genre. 

In this workshop session, Black Watch Museum archivist Richard Hunter and publisher Dr Paul Philippou will explain how military archives can be used for biographical research and how military memoirs and biographies can be brought into print.

Tickets £6 | Call 01738 638152 option 3 to book