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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Andrew Duncan KINCAID (att. 8th Bn.). 23/03/1918
S/21378 Pte John D BARN 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/17546 Pte James BELL 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
267650 Pte Alexander CROWE 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/22107 Pte David DOWNIE 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/24118 Cpl William Shepherd GRAINGER 8th Bn. formerly 4077, Scot. Horse. 23/03/1918
S/24120 Pte Dominick GUNNING 8th Bn. formerly 5845, Scot. Horse. 23/03/1918
S/15511 Pte David HERD latterly 39604, 11th Bn. The Royal Scots. 23/03/1918
6879 Pte Henry HUNTER latterly 33390, 15th Bn. H.L.I. 23/03/1918
350824 Pte William HUSBAND 8th Bn. formerly 2755, H.C. Bn. 23/03/1918
S/22485 Pte David JACK latterly 119458 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 23/03/1918
293066 Pte Gustave Adolph KAYE 7th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/13461 Pte William LAURENCE 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
265427 L Cpl David Millar LOW 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/40043 Pte Lindsay MATHIESON MM 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/10294 L Cpl David McGREGOR 8th Bn. formerly 54316, R.G.A. 23/03/1918
201149 Sgt Harold McLEVY 4/5th Bn. 23/03/1918
2616 L Sgt James McMILLAN 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/17722 Pte David ORR 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
293121 L Cpl John ROBERTSON 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
290479 A/Sgt Isaac Henry SHOOLBRAID 7th Bn. 23/03/1918
1567 Cpl Alexander SMITH latterly 64536 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 23/03/1918
203515 Sgt Peter SMITH 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
200635 Pte George TAYLOR 4/5th Bn. 23/03/1918
268381 L Cpl Archibald Henderson THOM 6th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/40605 Pte Robert VOWELL 8th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/15923 Pte Fred WILLIAMS 9th Bn. 23/03/1918
S/40619 Pte Alexander W YOUNG 8th Bn. 23/03/1918

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