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Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Robert Alexander FLEMING 7th Bn. (T.). 31/07/1916 5532 Pte Balfour ABERCROMBIE 7th Bn. 31/07/1916 1740 Pte Alexander McGregor BAYNE 6th Bn. 31/07/1916 98 WO2 (CSM) William Kirkwood CAIRNS 6th Bn. 31/07/1916 2039 Pte Alfred GIBSON 7th Bn. 31/07/1916 4132 Pte Duncan IRVINE 7th Bn. 31/07/1916 266060 Pte John MACKAY 6th Bn. 31/07/1916 2016 … Read more

Roll of Honour

Lieut (T/Capt) Andrew Currie BEGG 7th Bn. (T.). 30/07/1916 Capt Edgar Leslie BOASE 4th Bn. (T.). 30/07/1916 T/2nd Lieut Kenneth Richmond COOK 8th Bn. (T.M.B.). 30/07/1916 Capt James GILLESPIE 7th Bn. (T.). 30/07/1916 Capt John HALLY 6th Bn. (T.). 30/07/1916 2nd Lieut James Herbert LOCKHART 7th Bn. (T.). 30/07/1916 2nd Lieut Donald Fraser McEWAN 6th … Read more

Favourite Artefact | Johnenry Tunstall, volunteer

    I have volunteered at the Castle and Museum for many years now. The collection is so fascinating that my favourite object often changes as I discover all the hidden gems that lie within the galleries and archives. Right now, my museum highlight can be found in the turret room in gallery four. It … Read more

Roll of Honour

3187 Pte Walter BARKER 5th Bn. 28/07/1916 1921 L Cpl George BROUGH 6th Bn. 28/07/1916 3105 Cpl John FALCONER 7th Bn. 28/07/1916 3290 L Cpl James HENDERSON 7th Bn. 28/07/1916 4852 Pte John LEITCH 7th Bn. 28/07/1916 1724 Pte Andrew MACK 7th Bn. 28/07/1916 290507 Pte Robert Donaldson McGILLIVRAY 7th Bn. 28/07/1916 2719 Pte Hector … Read more

Why do we remember with the Poppy?

Poppies were a common sight, especially on the Western Front. They flourished in the soil churned up by the fighting and shelling. The flower provided Canadian doctor John McCrae with inspiration for his poem ‘In Flanders Fields‘, which he wrote whilst serving in Ypres in 1915. It was first published in Punch, having been rejected … Read more

Tom Piper, designer of Poppies Weeping Window talks about the sculpture at The Black Watch Castle and Museum

  On 30 June we opened another installation, the first in Mainland Scotland, of the Weeping Window at The Black Watch Museum in Perth. The site was chosen as having a perfect blend of Historical significance and architectural beauty. The sculpture is sited with the poppies pouring out of a corner turret on the Castle, … Read more

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