Upcoming Events for Events http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/ Lecture | Nivelle and the French Mutinies http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-nivelle-and-the-french-mutinies/?date=2017-03-02 <p>Friends of The Black Watch Castle and Museum lecture series:</p> <p>By Professor Peter Jackson</p> <p>April to June 1917 marked a low point in the war for France.  The French government, led by Alexandre Ribot, faced the fall-out from the disastrous Chemin des Dames offensive of Robert Nivelle; widespread strikes on the home front; mutiny to the rear of the front line and the potential collapse of their chief pre-war ally, Imperial Russia which descended into revolution in February.</p> <p>Professor Peter Jackson holds the Chair of Global Security at the University of Glasgow.  A graduate of Carleton University, Ottowa, of the University of Calgary and of Cambridge, he has taught at Yale, Aberystwyth and Strathclyde.  In 2012 - 13 he was visiting professor at Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris.  Editor of the journal Intelligence and National Security, he has written numerous books and articles, his most recent book being "Beyond the Balance of Power: France and the politics of National Security in the era of WW1.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception, 7:00pm lecture commences</p> <p>£9 non-members | £7 Friends | Reservation Recommended</p> Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:32:56 +0100 http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-nivelle-and-the-french-mutinies/?date=2017-03-02 Lecture | The Battle of Arras http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-battle-of-arras/?date=2017-04-04 <p>Friends of The Black Watch Castle and Museum lecture series:</p> <p>The battle of Arras was fought from 9 Apr - 16 May 17 along the River Scarpe to the East of Arras.  Its aim was to divert German attention from the Nivelle offensive to the South.  The battle plan was prepared by the commander of the British Third Army, General Allenby.  Initially there was quite a measure of success but this petered out without any significant breakthrough.  Many Scots units were involved including the 9th, 15th and 51st Divisions.  This talk will focus on the experiences of 9th Scottish Division.</p> <p>Lecturer Lt Col Willie Coupar was, in the Royal Army Educational Corps from 1966 – 1991, during which time he served in the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, N Ireland and the Falklands.  On leaving the army he joined Glasgow University as an administrator working on Staff Development and Student Recruitment and was also a Member of University Military Education Committee.  In December 2004 he moved back to family roots in Perth.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences<br>£9 non-members | £7 Friends</p> <p>Reservation Recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Wed, 31 Aug 2016 11:56:53 +0100 http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-battle-of-arras/?date=2017-04-04 Lecture | The Victoria Cross and The Battle of Istabulat 21st April 1917 http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-victoria-cross-and-the-battle-of-istabulat-21st-april-1917/?date=2017-04-20 <p>Friends of The Black Watch Castle and Museum lecture series: </p> <p>The Battle of Istabulat was part of the Samarrah Campaign in Mesopotamia (Iraq) during the First World War when the British Empire attempted to further its strategic position after the capture of Baghdad from the Ottoman Empire. On the 21st April 1917 The Black Watch went into action in another bloody chapter of trench warfare and hand to hand fighting. By the end of that day the battalion had lost 10 officers and 173 men. Private Charles 'Chay' Melvin was awarded the Victoria Cross; ' For most conspicuous bravery, coolness and resource in action'. Chay Melvin received his Victoria Cross from King George V on 11 December 1919.</p> <p>100 years after this campaign and outstanding act of bravery Major (Retd) Steve Nicoll will provide an informative illustrated talk about the Victoria Cross and feature the fascinating deeds and life of Private Charles Melvin VC.</p> <p>Major (Retd) Steve Nicoll was a career Royal Marine for 35 years retiring in 2007. He is a keen hill walker and is endeavoring to complete all 282 Munro's with only 33 remaining. </p> <p>£7 non-members | £5 Friends | Reservation Recommended | 01738 638152</p> Thu, 09 Feb 2017 12:07:53 +0000 http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/lecture-the-victoria-cross-and-the-battle-of-istabulat-21st-april-1917/?date=2017-04-20 Formation and Early Roles of The Royal Flying Corps (RFC) http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/formation-and-early-roles-of-the-royal-flying-corps-rfc/?date=2017-05-08 <h3>Friends of The Black Watch Castle and Museum lecture series:</h3> <p>Dr Paton will outline the early developments in air flight leading up to the formation of the Royal Flying Corps in 1912. He will describe the first military aeroplanes, pilot recruiting and training, formation of the early squadrons and the tactical experience learned from pre-war exercises which led to six Squadrons being ready for war in 1914. He will use the history of No 2 Squadron RFC which was the first squadron to be deployed to France from its base in Montrose to illustrate typical problems and achievements.   He will also touch upon other air warfare assets and technical developments such as radio and bombing to illustrate how the air roles changed as the war progressed. His account will close in 1916 but will look ahead towards the great air battles of 1917-18 and formation of the Royal Air Force which will be addressed in a later lecture.</p> <p>Dr Daniel Paton | Curator of the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre</p> <p>Dr Paton was born at Ferryden near Montrose and educated at Montrose Academy. After school, he worked in a foundry and engineering firm in Arbroath before becoming the first economic history graduate from Edinburgh University in 1967. In 1977 he was awarded a PhD - his thesis being on “Drink and the Scots”. During his career, he taught mainly in the Engineering Department of Birmingham City University but also at Edinburgh, Sussex and the Open Universities. In 2001 he retired to the same house in Ferryden in which he had been born and became active in the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre - a small but significant museum set up by local aviation enthusiasts on the site of the former RFC/RAF airfield.</p> <p>6:30pm drinks reception (drink included in ticket price), 7:00pm lecture commences<br>£9 non-members | £7 Friends<br>Reservation Recommended | 01738 638152 Option 1</p> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 09:22:40 +0000 http://theblackwatch.co.uk/castle-and-museum/events/formation-and-early-roles-of-the-royal-flying-corps-rfc/?date=2017-05-08